Bandwidth Leasing for IP networks, DSNG, Broadcast

Best-in-class bandwidth leasing services

IP Dish is a premier Bandwidth Lease Service provider across the Middle East, with C-band coverage over the whole of Middle East.

Typical services include IP connectivity for E-services, TV broadcasting, GSM backhauling and private networks for both government and corporate organizations.

What sets us apart from other leasing providers is our satellite’s prime orbital position covering the entire Middle East region and adjacent African regions. The key advantage of the IP Dish satellite is the orbital location which provides perfect coverage across the area with high elevation angles and minimal transmission losses.

With IP Dish, broadcasters can use the same bandwidth, transmit at the same frequency, both to send video to the point-to-multipoint distribution network and to receive video from DSNGs and so on. Essentially, with our bandwidth leasing services, broadcasters no longer have to pay for satellite bandwidth every time they deploy a remote contribution unit within the footprint of their satellite distribution network. This can lead to huge savings in operational costs.

It also comes without the hassle of having to coordinate satellite time and configuration details. This enables your remote team to get up and running quickly.