GSM Backhauling

Cost-effective GSM coverage in the most remote locations

VSAT is rapidly transforming the landscape of the GSM cellular market. With the world’s major metropolitan areas already covered, there are still millions of people around the world who have limited or no access to cellular services.

GSM is the principal cellular technology, connecting more and more remote areas every day. However, with only a limited terrestrial infrastructure in place, how can these evolving needs be answered? How can the footprint of your GSM cellular network be expanded cost-effectively?

By leveraging the efficiencies of an IP platform and IP Dish’s shared topology, operators can significantly reduce operating expenses and expand the reach of their network.

Backhaul is often spoken of as critical to telecom networks. It involves taking the traffic from the base station and backhauling it to the network. In remote locations where communications services are expensive to set up, GSM backhauling provides a cost-effective way to provide GSM coverage to remote, rural and ultra-rural areas.