Emergency Internet Access

Get online fast even in difficult times

IP Dish is your high-speed satellite Internet access provider of choice for disaster response, remote businesses, and oil, gas and mining companies.

When a disaster strikes, you shouldn’t have to spend precious time looking for an Internet connection. You need unfailing satellite Internet that facilitates communication between HQ and units in the field. In situations as such where the stakes are too high, the local infrastructure goes down, IP Dish gives you the required access you need to keep your people connected, saving time, resources, and most importantly, lives.

Internet broadband lines are proving to be less and less reliable in times of disaster. Service restoration from internet providers is slow as they become overwhelmed with requests. You are left at the mercy of their repair schedule and hence, lose out on precious business time. When your lines or onsite hardware are damaged, technicians may not be easily available or charge a hefty fee for service and replacement parts.

But fret not, you can get internet connectivity while your service is being repaired, even when the rest of the city is down. How? Cellular radio signals are one of the most reliable means of connecting. Disaster-affected areas often rely solely on cellular devices to maintain communications. IP Dish now delivers this same connectivity right to your business. Count on the most trustworthy Oil and Gas VSAT and maritime service provider in the Middle East to get you back online whenever, wherever.