Private Network Services

High-quality private network services in the Middle East

When you require fast, flexible, and secure access to your infrastructure, content, and applications, you need a reliable Private Network Services provider.

IP Dish is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy, while simultaneously providing the most solid, top speed VPN network. Extend your VPN with high-quality global network services offering coverage across the Middle East at the most affordable prices.

Connect anything, anywhere, anytime through our pioneering enterprise network solutions that are secure, affordable and easy to manage. Owing to close partnerships with top service providers worldwide, we can maintain high service quality worldwide, helping you and your business stay connected around the globe.

IP Dish’s fully-managed private network services are equipped to connect your multi-site business over a secure, private, and customized network that is both cloud-enabled and voice-ready. Our networks are highly-consistent, custom-made, and tailored to fit your specific business requirements.

The quality of our private network is superior because we use private Layer 2 circuits that are engineered to circumvent the public internet, eliminating the security, latency, and other overhead issues that affect the competing technologies. With us, you also receive custom configurations and a dedicated central router, physically separating your network from everyone else’s.